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Zimmer® Technology for Special Polymer Plant in North America

Frankfurt-based Lurgi Zimmer GmbH, a subsidiary of Lurgi AG, was awarded an order to build a plant for the production of polymers using innovative Zimmer® technology. The multi-product plant will be located in North America. The investor will be undisclosed.

The plant will produce a special polymer for high-tech applications. The PET resin will be manufactured by using the Zimmer® polyester polycondensation process which is based on the Most advanced plant design for different PET resins. The tailor-made Disc Ring Reactor will deliver in the final process stage a high purity melt at a very low temperature profile.

In addition to the Zimmer® technology, Lurgi will supply the complete engineering service and equipment. Plant commissioning is scheduled for third quarter 2008. Lurgi’s CEO Klaus Moll regards this as a confirmation of the decision to integrate the Zimmer® technology into Lurgi: “We have strengthened our business with the incorporation into Lurgi and expect a continuation of the favorable order inflow for the rest of this fiscal year“.

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