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Safety Quality

Safety & Quality

A winning combination

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction integrates safety and quality processes to provide optimum results for our customers that are safe, reliable and compliant to requirements.

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Safety commitment

Safety is factored into every element of the industrial and technical solutions that we customize, particularly in terms of compliancy requirements and critical quality management.

By consistently applying root cause analysis and best practises to every process, we can ensure that safety is paramount at each step from design to construction and site launch.  

Our methodology is ‘leading’, focusing on potential severity, as well as on “injury” outcomes with the goal of minimizing risk. We use a holistic Industrial Risk Management approach, involving our subcontractors and stakeholders, to engineer out hazards and identify the appropriate mitigating measures.

Well defined Life Saving Rules guide managers and stakeholders in exceeding our customers’ expectations and ensuring universally high safety and quality standards.

Focusing on quality

Quality is one of the main levers to increase our operational competitiveness and is a central component of our long-term strategy. Implementing effective quality systems and controls is one of our key commitments to our customers. Quality is foundational and must be part of everything we do, all our actions and behaviors in our daily work.

To maintain stringent quality and meet customer expectations, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction pays careful attention to:

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Conformance
  • Serviceability
  • Perceived Quality

These characteristics contribute to the overall quality of each product and service and are ensured throughout using the Air Liquide Engineering & Construction 7 Basics of Quality Control:

Quality is measured not only through the level of customer satisfaction, but also the number of non-conformity reports. “Auto quality control” also enables collaborators to detect and correct any potential issues that could be created.

This approach has been refined by our quality experts and is applied to every discipline and product as an integral and dynamic part of our processes.

Furthermore, we’ve implemented a Business Process Management System (BPMS) on a global level upon which our processes are based. All Engineering Centers are ISO certified and work in line with these processes.