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Our HR Vision

Our HR vision

Supporting and stimulating your career

Discover our “8 golden rules” of talent management– including diversity, mobility and learning – that provide a stimulating and supportive framework for all employees.

Providing a safe and ethical environment

Everyone should be protected by safe practises in a safe workplace which fosters tolerance, equity and non-discrimination.

Selecting the right people and assigning them to the right position

People should be chosen not only based on their ability to fulfil a role, but also on their potential to grow within the Group.  

Encouraging diversity

All people work in an environment that promotes diversity and adapts to different values, beliefs and expectations.

Measuring performance against consistent standards

Each person  receives regular objective feedback from their manager based on harmonized standards in order to measure and enhance performance.

Developing people based on a long-term vision

Everyone can push their development to their chosen limits through access to knowledge-sharing, geographical and/or functional mobility and increased levels of responsibility.

Identifying, developing and recognizing  expertise

Expertise is recognised and rewarded through our dedicated program in order to boost professional fulfilment.

Regularly training people to improve our performance

People should be given the opportunity to constantly learn throughout their career and develop new and existing skills relating to current or desired job roles.

Paying for performance and contributions

Every person should receive competitive compensation and benefits that take local market conditions, internal equity and applicable legislation into account.