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OxyClaus™ Sulfur Recovery Unit

OxyClaus™ Sulfur Recovery Unit

Sulfur generation with oxygen enrichment
Lurgi OxyClaus ™

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OxyClaus™ is a technology to boost the  capacity of new and existing Claus plants, which are used to convert hydrogen sulfide into sulfur. The technology replaces the main part of the air in the combustion process with pure oxygen, making the plant more efficient and less costly.

Proprietary burner for more flexibility

The feedstock for OxyClaus™ is acid gas from sweetening units and sour-water strippers. In a traditional Claus unit, ambient air is used to oxidize a third of the hydrogen sulfide in the feed gas into sulfur dioxide. With the OxyClaus™ unit, as much as 80% of total oxygen requirements can be covered by pure oxygen.

The process involves injecting oxygen into the acid gas, which provokes an extremely hot flame in the proprietary OxyClaus™burner. Air is then introduced around the outside of the flame, creating a zone with moderate combustion temperatures and making OxyClaus™ compatible with conventional refractory materials in the thermal stage of the process. The usual downstream catalytic stages of a traditional unit (reactors, condensers, heaters, etc.) are also adapted to OxyClaus™ without any need for design changes.

Customers can choose to operate the unit with air only or with a mix of air and oxygen, allowing them to manage peak loads and be more flexible in processing feed gases with lower or higher hydrogen sulfide content.

OxyClaus™ from Air Liquide Engineering & Construction can deliver 30% savings on the total installed cost of a new sulfur recovery unit. It can also increase the capacity of an existing unit by up to 200%.


  • Flexibility to process feed gases with different Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) content
  • Delivers 30% saving on new sulfur recovery units
  • Increases capacity of existing units by up to 200%
  • Proven technology with 40 references

Key figures

  • Capacity: up to 280 tons per day per train

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