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Creating value in all phases of major engineering projects

In 10 years with Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, Alexander Roesch has lived and worked around the world.

Alexander Roesch

I grew up in Marienberg, a town of about 10 000 people in the former East Germany. I was 10 years old when the reunification of Germany happened. After finishing school I studied Process Engineering at the Bergakademie Technical University in Freiberg, from which I graduated in 2006.

After I graduated, I chose to join Lurgi because of my interest in plant engineering. Lurgi’s long history and visionary outlook were especially attractive to me.

My first assignment was the definition of the plant controls strategy for a Hydrogen Plant in Malaysia. After this I became process engineer for several other projects - from revamp studies, feasibility studies and developing process solutions for new Hydrogen plants on a global basis.

When Air Liquide acquired Lurgi I became the process lead engineer for a world scale hydrogen plant in Texas, United States, with an engineering team based in Krakow, Poland. Following that, I joined the start-up and commissioning team of a 130 000 Normal cubic meters per hour (Nm3/hr) Hydrogen plant in Rotterdam. I had moved from theory to practice, and the learning curve was steep! I was working with a young, very motivated team, which made this “animal” live. I expanded my network inside Air Liquide, which still benefits me today.

I went to China, as the commissioning manager for a hydrogen and carbon monoxide plant, then returned to Europe as the process manager for a similar plant in Germany.

My final move - for the moment! - was coming to Houston to build a process department in my field of technological expertise. We are currently in charge of developing technical solutions for new hydrogen, carbon-dioxide and syngas projects in the Americas. With this current job I can combine my technical skill-sets with developing new younger engineers, and expanding my horizon to the sales and business side.

For all of my assignments, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction arranged for my wife and three children to join me. And I am lucky that since my wife is an IT freelancer, she can work from anywhere, as long as she has an internet connection!

Working at Air Liquide Engineering & Construction has allowed me to take ownership of new opportunities and new challenges over the course of 10 years. I have had the opportunity to participate in and create value in all of the phases of major engineering projects.

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is a global organization, and it is up to each individual person how to utilize, explore, enjoy and benefit from this. I would encourage anyone interested in a similar career to seize the opportunities it offers. Build up your expertise, build a network, listen to senior experts, but draw your own conclusions, and go for international assignments. To get a global view, you have to view the world!