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Yango™ - Standard Air Separation Unit

A short time-to-production packaged air separation unit solution
Standard plants
Standard Plants

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Yango™ is a standardized air separation solution designed for quick-launch projects.

Yango™ air separation units

The Yango™ air separation unit (ASU) combines air compression, adsorption purification, the cryogenic distillation of main components and the internal compression of gases to the pressure required by the end-user. It offers a highly-packaged single stand-alone solution producing 99.6 to 99.8 % pure oxygen, as well as nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and compressed dry air.

In addition, Yango™ can be configured to optimize both capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) depending on customer requirements, the energy cost of running the unit, and integration into the customer’s processes.

Yango™ units are typically installed in the steel industry (basic oxygen furnaces, blast furnaces, electric arc furnaces), in chemicals plants (ethylene oxide, ammonia, etc.), or in oil refineries (desulphurization, Gas-to-Liquid).

Yango™ air separation unit advantages

  • Supports quick-launch projects
  • Optimizes CAPEX or OPEX

Key figures:

  • Capacity: 330 to 770 tons per day
  • Specific energy: 400 to 600 Kilowatt hours per ton (kWh/t)

Yango™ - Standard Air Separation Unit