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What we do

A technology partner of choice

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction builds the Group’s production units (mainly air gas separation and hydrogen production units) and provides external customers with efficient, sustainable, customized technology and process solutions.

Worldwide engineering expertise
Worldwide engineering expertise

Worldwide engineering expertise

Our core expertise in industrial gas, energy conversion and gas purification, enables customers to optimize natural resources.

We cover the entire project life-cycle:

License engineering services / proprietary equipment, high-end engineering & design capabilities, project management & execution services. In addition, we also offer efficient customer services through our worldwide set-up.

As a technology partner, customers benefit from our research and development to achieve energy transition goals.

Proprietary technology

​Proprietary technology

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is strongly committed to finding new and innovative ways to answer its customers' evolving needs. In response to this challenge, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary technology.

From our pioneering development of air separation technologies to our renowned Lurgi Methanol to Propylene (MTP™) technology for  propylene production, our innovations help optimize our customers' facilities and better integrate their processes.

As a responsible company, we design all our technologies to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, enabling our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their production facilities.

​More than just technology
​Safety and quality

​Safety and quality

Safety and quality are key priorities. We ensure that every action we undertake, from initial design through to construction, reflects our goal of ensuring personal safety, and protecting the environment.

To achieve this, we have a diverse team of experts with extensive experience in areas such as process design, detailed engineering, piping and instrumentation, and electrical, mechanical and civil engineering as well as health, safety, environment, security and industrial risk management. Our people's ability to constantly question conventional ideas and continually find new solutions is what makes us different, and has allowed us to file over 1 600 patents.

​A full suite of services
A growing range of services

A growing range of services

At Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, we have traditionally offered support over the long-term to the Air Liquide Group. Today we bring our many years of engineering and operational experience to customers through a growing range of services. These services aim at maximizing the efficiency and reliability of our customers’ assets.