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Responsible business

Responsible business

Doing business the right way

At Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, we endeavor to conduct business to the highest professional and ethical standards, while fully complying with all applicable legal requirements.

Business Policies & Practices
Business Policies & Practices

Business policies & practices

Each of our actions is driven by strong ethical principles, particularly in areas such as ethics and compliance, human rights, labor rights and the environment. Across the globe, our subsidiaries are well integrated into local cultures where they also transmit the group’s values..

Codes of conduct have been implemented to help employees develop their activities while respecting our ethical principles, in particular the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct:

  • Respect for rules and regulations
  • Respect for people
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for competition law regulations
  • Respect for rules on insider trading
  • Prevention for conflict of interests
  • Protection of Air Liquide activities
  • Transparency and integrity of information
  • Internal control and audit
  • Implementation of Codes of Conduct
​Commitment to Stakeholders & Communities
​Commitment to Stakeholders & Communities

​Commitment to stakeholders and communities

We place great importance on our corporate and social responsibility towards shareholders, customers, employees and communities, to whom we make the following commitments:

  • Our stakeholders: deliver long-term profitability by boosting the Group’s financial growth for the benefit of all shareholders
  • Our customers: add value for customers and society by offering safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions developed through proactive dialogue
  • Our employees: be a great place for individuals to develop their potential in a safe, high-performing and respectful work environment in order to attract and retain the best talent
  • Our communities: act as a good citizen by helping local economies develop and protecting the environment from industrial risk in partnership with communities