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Vacuum Swing Adsorption On-Demand Oxygen Generation

Vacuum Swing Adsorption

On-demand oxygen generation
Standard plants
Standard Plants

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Vacuum swing adsorption oxygen generation systems draw on Air Liquide’s many years of experience of oxygen production. They use the process of air separation by adsorption. This works through the use of specific zeolite adsorbents for the selective adsorption of nitrogen over oxygen and argon.

Vacuum swing absorption

Vacuum swing adsorption oxygen generation systems feature a compact design layout. They are built and delivered as fully-packaged, pre-tested skids, which can be directly incorporated into an industrial plant. This minimizes the time required for erection and start-up, and optimizes the overall schedule. These systems are also simple to operate as they are designed to run automatically and unattended.

Typically, vacuum swing adsorption oxygen generation systems can be found in plants belonging to the steel making, glass, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, or mining industries.

Advantages of vacuum swing adsorption plants

  • Compact design layout
  • Fully packaged and pre-tested skids
  • Minimized schedule, set-up and start-up times
  • Automatic start, stop and load adaptation for unattended operation

Key figures

  • Oxygen purity: 90% to 93%
  • Capacity: 40 to 150 tons per day Specific energy: 265 Kilowatt hours per ton (kWh/t)

Vacuum Swing Adsorption VSA