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Turbofin™ - Nitrogen Refrigerant Technology

Natural gas liquefaction for small to mid scale plants

TurbofinTM is a process for the liquefaction of natural gas based on a Nitrogen Refrigerant cycle. It is best suited to small scale plants serving power applications such as peak shaving, remote power, or fuel for marine, truck and rail. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction offers a fully standard and modularized product using this technology. This enables to deliver cost competitive plants with a very short delivery time.

Nitrogen Refrigerant cycle

This proven technology from Air Liquide Engineering & Construction uses a closed-loop nitrogen cycle to liquefy the feed gas. This involves compressing, boosting and expanding nitrogen. The cooling duty thus generated is transferred through Brazed Aluminium Heat Exchangers (BAHX) to the natural gas allowing its liquefaction.


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  • Low capital investment/cost competitive for small-scale units
  • Standard product available for small-scale unit
  • Non-hydrocarbon refrigerant improves safety
  • Easy to operate
  • Adapted to address remote power and fuel-for-transport markets

Key figures

Capacity: up to 0.5 million tons per annum