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Supercritical Biodiesel

A groundbreaking alternative for biodiesel producers

Growing demand in the international biodiesel industry has been driven in recent years by an ambition to find more sustainable feedstocks and fuels, and has been widely supported by new  government regulations in various countries.

For Biodiesel producers, this brings some challenges in this environment, to transition from conventional to alternative feedstocks to remain economical, as well as to adopt innovative technologies that have a net return on the capital investment.

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction offers customers a revolutionary alternative to conventional biodiesel, using an innovative technology, Supercritical biodiesel.  Supercritical Biodiesel avoids the use of a catalyst, allowing to process the least expensive, low cost waste oils and fats without pretreatment. Existing biodiesel facilities can be retrofitted.

This patented, innovative technology has been in commercial operation since 2017 and is exclusively licensed from Inventure Renewables.

The Advantages of Supercritical Biodiesel are:

  • Feedstock flexibility (e.g. used cooking oil, corn oil, acid oil, tallow…)
  • Option to retrofit to existing biodiesel facilities
  • Attractive economics
  • Easy to operate
  • Higher quality products such as distilled biodiesel & crude glycerin (no salt)
  • A lower carbon footprint of fuels produced (allowing US customers higher LCFS credits)

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