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Soap Carbonate Technology

Bolt-on Solution for Soapstock

Edible oil refining is developing in particular countries around the world to support the production of biofuels, produce low processed oils for various industries and aligning with  international trade initiatives driven by governments in particular regions to support economic development.

Edible Oil refiners are challenged to discard or find solutions for low value byproducts, such as soapstock, produced in the refining process.

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction offers a  Soap Carbonate Technology that is a revolutionary alternative to sulfuric acid acidulation. Soap Carbonate Technology allows to harvest all free or bound Fatty Acid molecules present in the soapstock, regardless of their source (e. g. mono-, di-, triglycerides, soaps, phospholipids). It avoids the use of dangerous chemicals, does not generate wastewater, consumes CO₂ and produces a high quality, high value, fatty acids stream. This patented, innovative technology is exclusively licensed from Inventure Renewables.

The Advantages of Soap Carbonate Technology are:

  • Converts fatty matter in the soapstock to valuable Fatty Acids
  • Green technology: no waste water generation, captures CO₂
  • Easy & safe to operate: no dangerous chemicals, bolt-on unit
  • Financially attractive

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