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Sliding Cell Extractor - Seed Crushing and Extraction

Sliding Cell Extractor - Seed Crushing and Extraction

Producing edible oils from seeds

Sliding Cell Extractor is a technology for producing crude edible oils that can be used in food applications after refining. Based on seed crushing and solvent extraction, the process can be applied to a wide range of feedstocks.

Flexible technology

Sliding Cell Extractor from Air Liquide Engineering & Construction uses a feedstock of oil seeds such as soybean, canola/rapeseed, sunflower and palm kernel. After the seeds have been prepared (cleaned, dried, etc.), the oil is removed by solvent extraction with hexane. Depending on the type of seed, oil content can vary between 20% and 50% by weight. For seeds such as rapeseed and sunflower with higher oil content, a pre-pressing step may be necessary to reduce the load on the extraction.

The heart of the extraction plant is the Lurgi Sliding Cell Extractor, which can easily be adapted to different feedstocks. Designed for operational reliability, it optimizes the extraction process by creating a complete counter-current flow of the solvent on the flakes and large contact areas.

The extracted oil solvent mixture, or miscella, is then separated into its components by distillation and water degumming. The solvent undergoes a process to remove moisture and is then recycled, while gums can be purified to lecithine or recycled to the meal. The desolventized, toasted, dried and cooled (DTDC) meal can be used as protein rich animal feed.

In order to meet environmental standards, the technology uses a slight vacuum throughout the entire extraction process. This allows emissions to be controlled through absorption with mineral oil.


  • Efficient technology extracts edible oils from seeds
  • Process easily adapted to wide range of oil seed feedstocks
  • Environmental emissions controlled through absorption

Key figures

  • Capacity: up to 4 000 tons per day

Seed Crushing and Extraction