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Rectisol™ - Syngas Purification

Rectisol™ - Syngas Purification

Purifying gasification-based syngas

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Rectisol™ is a physical washing process and involves the use of a solvent to remove acid gases from raw syngas. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction can tailor the technology so it is fully adapted to the type of syngas, thereby optimizing capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) for the client.

Absorption of acid gases

The Rectisol™ process can be applied to any raw syngas generated from the gasification of a carbon-rich feedstock such as all types of refinery residues or petcoke. It uses cold methanol as a solvent to physically absorb acid gas components from the syngas. Typically, acid gas components removed by Rectisol™ include carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, mercaptans, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and nearly all other trace components typically detected in gasification derived syngas streams. Through a process of flashing and stripping, the rich solvent can then be regenerated.

Today, Rectisol™ is the leading process for providing high purity gasification-based syngas for catalytic downstream applications.


  • Generation of high purity syngas especially for catalytic processes
  • Fully referenced in all applicable scales
  • Process uses inexpensive solvent
  • Technology provides low operating costs and high availability
  • Process configuration can be tailored to optimize CAPEX and OPEX

Key figures

  • Capacity: 100 000 to one million Normal cubic meters per hour per train