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Methanol-to-Propylene Process, China

Methanol-to-Propylene Process, China

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Methanol-to-Propylene Process, China

The Methanol-to-Propylene (MTP) process is part of the complete chain for producing polypropylene. It is used by one of Air Liquide Engineering & Construction’s customers in the chemicals industry in China.

Our solution

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction supplied the Air Separation Unit (ASU) for syngas preparation and a “5 in 1” technology package encompassing the full chain from syngas to propylene via sour shift, RectisolTM, sulfur management (OxyClausTM and LTGTTM), Lurgi MegaMethanolTM and Lurgi MTPTM. The technologies supplied are designed for a production of 1 410 tons of propylene per day.

The full process chain is in commercial operation since 2011.