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Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

Recovering Natural Gas Liquids from natural gas

Natural Gas Liquids Recovery is a process for separating ethane and heavier hydrocarbons (C2+) from natural gas. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction delivers high recovery and high efficiency Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) processes, while optimizing capital and operating costs for customers.

Natural Gas Liquids associated with Nitrogen Rejection Units

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction offers proven NGL technology that can recover more than 95% of ethane and more than 99% of heavier hydrocarbons (C2+). The technology can be used in conjunction with the removal of nitrogen from natural gas, associated gases and unconventional gas sources.

Thanks to its expertise in cryogenics, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction can optimize the integration of NGL Recovery technology with Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU) for greater efficiency and profitability. The ethane product can be used as a petrochemical feedstock, while other NGLs can be used as Liquified Petroleum Gases feedstock. Crude helium can be generated as co-products of the process.


  • High efficiency C2 recovery (90% to >95%), and C3 recovery (99+%)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Gas product meets sales gas specifications
  • Reduced capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX) for NGL/NRU integrated, compared to conventional independent units

Key figures

Capacity: up to 1 million Normal cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h)

Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Turbobooster