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Lurgi’s Hydrogen Generation Unit for Grupa LOTOS S.A. ready for start-up

Grupa Lotos embarqued in a large Refinery upgrade program in 2007. The 10+ Programme is a strategic investment task performed by Grupa LOTOS S.A. within the development of the refinery in Gdansk. In terms of scale and value, it is one of the largest projects in CEE economies’ until 2010). Following the successful start-up of a HDS unit, the refinery’s Hydrogen needs increased significantly. Lurgi is delighted to have delivered, in less that 29 months the new H2 unit. The plant designed and built on an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) basis, went on stream in the last days of September, and bring an additional 7 T/H of H2 capacity to the site.

The generated hydrogen will be used in refining processes serving the production of top quality oils and gasoline (at the hydro-desulphurisation and hydrocracking plants). The plant is designed to work on three types of
feed, LPG, light naphtha and natural gas (or a mixture of these raw materials).

The process of hydrogen production at the HGU plant is based on catalytic steam hydrocarbon reforming process which takes place in the Lurgi Steam Reformer, at temperatures of over 850°C, and the separation of hydrogen from the syngas produced by the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology.

The project has been realised in accordance with the Standards of the Customer and Lurgi, taking into account the state-of-the art technology and materials (Best Engineering Practice). It should also be stressed that no accidents (0 lost time hours) have occurred owing to the use and observance of safety procedures on site over an almost 700,000-hour period.

“The project demonstrates the successful, longlasting cooperation between Lurgi and Grupa LOTOS S.A. going back to the early nineteen seventies." (François Venet, CEO of Lurgi GmbH.)

“With Lurgi, we found a partner who executed our project in quality and with success despite the short time frame” (Zbigniew Paszkowicz, Refinery Expansion Programme Director of Grupa LOTOS S.A.).

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