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Lurgi MTP™ - Methanol-to-Propylene

Lurgi MTP™ - Methanol-to-Propylene

On-purpose propylene production

Lurgi MTP™ - Methanol-to-Propylene (MTP) is an on-purpose technology for producing propylene from methanol, independently of the original feedstock. The technology offers clients low cash costs, and its propylene product can be used as feedstock for a variety of petrochemical processes.

Producing polymer-grade propylene

The first step of the Lurgi MTP™ process is to convert methanol into dimethyl-ether (DME). The first reaction product is combined with steam and hydrocarbon recycle and converted over a tailored and optimised zeolite catalyst delivered by Clariant in the fixed-bed MTP reactor.

The resulting effluent is cooled and enters a separation sequence similar to those in a steam cracker unit. In the purification section, the hydrocarbon recycle is generated and the MTP gasoline, MTP Liquefied Petroleum Gas and polymer-grade propylene products are purified. If required, a small portion of polymer grade ethylene can be extracted so that co-polymer can be produced in a downstream polypropylene unit.

Lurgi MTP™ from Air Liquide Engineering & Construction offers clients much lower cash cost compared with crude-based processes such as naphtha cracking, metathesis or propane dehydrogenation (PDH). The technology has proven reliability in various references and allows plants to benefit from in-situ regeneration.


  • Delivers polymer-grade propylene independent of feedstock
  • Proprietary zeolite catalyst
  • Allows in-situ regeneration

Key figures

  • Capacity: 500 to 1 500 tons per day
  • Specific consumption: 3.5 tons methanol per ton propylene

Lurgi MTP