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Lurgi MPG™ - Multi-Purpose Gasifier

Generation of syngas from liquid residues

Lurgi MPG™  - Multi-Purpose Gasifier is a proprietary technology from  Air Liquide Engineering & Construction to produce syngas through partial oxidation of liquid hydrocarbons. It is a highly versatile process that allows considerable feedstock flexibility and has minimal impact on the environment.

Safety and reliability for any feedstock

With Lurgi MPG™, refineries can gasify a very wide range of hydrocarbon-rich feeds. Typically, feedstock is heavy residue from oil refining with high viscosity and low reactivity. This may include asphalt, bitumen, tar, visbreaker residue, hydrocracker residue, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) residue, vacuum residue and oil sand tar. Slurries with solid content and bio-based syncrude can also be used if the unit is adapted accordingly.

The process begins with the feedstock, together with oxygen and steam, and being fed through the proprietary MPG-burner into a refractory-lined reactor operating at 30 to 100 barg. Here, it undergoes a non-catalytic partial oxidation at high temperatures (typically 1 200 to 1 500 °C) to form syngas. Depending on the feedstock and the client's use of it, the syngas is then cooled by quench or in a process gas boiler.

The MPG-burner from Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is designed for optimal reliability, whatever the feedstock. The use of pressurized water cooling of the burner ensures the safe and reliable operation of the unit and the plant.


  • Suitable to a very wide range of feedstocks (very high viscosity, low flash point, significant content of larger particles)
  • Pressurized cooling water system ensures plant safety
  • Proprietary MPG-burner designed for optimal reliability

Key figures

  • Capacity: up to 200,000 Nm³/h dry syngas per gasifier
  • Oxygen consumption: one Nm³ of oxygen per kilogram of feed

Lurgi MPG