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Lurgi FBDB™ - Fixed Bed Dry Bottom Gasification

Lurgi FBDB™ - Fixed Bed Dry Bottom Gasification

Gasifying solid carbonaceous feedstock

With Lurgi FBDB™ - Fixed Bed Dry Bottom Gasification, syngas (composed of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) can be generated from solid carbonaceous feedstock (e.g. coke) even with low quality for a wide range of applications. The process has proven commercial success and the resulting product is particularly well suited for use in production of synthetic natural gas or reduction of iron ore (DRI).

A unique technology

Lurgi FBDB™ from Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is a unique process especially for gasifying low-rank coal that may have high water and/or high ash content. Such feedstock is not economically viable for processing via entrained flow gasification, but can be utilized with Lurgi FBDB™.

In the process, the feedstock reacts with oxygen and steam to generate syngas. This raw syngas will be cleaned and can be processed further via CO-shift or Rectisol™ to meet downstream needs, and internal streams such as gas-liquor are purified using proprietary technology (Phenosolvan™, Chemie Linz Lurgi (CLL)) to minimize the environmental impact of the process.


  • Lurgi FBDB™ process suitable to produce large amounts of syngas
  • Lurgi FBDB™ technology capable to gasify feedstock of low quality
  • Produced syngas is suitable for a large variety of applications

Key figures

  • Capacity: 40 000 to 120 000 Nm³/h dry syngas per gasifier, usually more than five reactors per plant
  • Typical yield: 2000 Nm³ dry syngas / ton dry coal (ash free)

Lurgi FBDB