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LP3™ - Low Pressure Fatty Alcohol Production

LP3™ - Low Pressure Fatty Alcohol Production

Improved hydrogenation of wax ester

LP3™ from Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is a technology for improving the hydrogenation of wax ester in the production of fatty alcohol. The process uses low pressure to reduce energy requirements, offering clients considerable savings in terms of operational and capital expenditures.

Superior performance

As a solution for creating fatty alcohol from wax ester, LP3™ offers clients a number of benefits. The process uses a proven liquid phase hydrogenation in fixed bed reactors, which, unlike vapor phase hydrogenation, has the advantage of being compatible with long chain fatty alcohols. Furthermore, LP3™ operates at a relatively low pressure of 100 bar. This means energy requirements for the process are considerably reduced, offering 5% savings in operating expenditure and up to 20% savings in capital expenditure compared with similar solutions.

LP3™ is also noteworthy for its performance. A double reactor system allows for seamless catalyst changeovers without any disruption to operations. The efficient use of catalysts also creates more profitable lifecycles, while the temperature in the catalyst beds is controlled by hydrogen quenches to reduce unwanted side-products.


  • Improves hydrogenation of wax ester in fatty alcohol production
  • Low pressure reduces energy requirements
  • Delivers savings on operational and capital expenditures
  • Suited to long chain fatty alcohols
  • Catalysts can be changed without disrupting operations

Key figures

  • Capacity: 90 to 600 tons per day
  • Operating Expenditures: 100 United States Dollar (USD)/ton