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Liquid Nitrogen Wash

Liquid Nitrogen Wash

Liquid Nitrogen Wash for ammonia

The Liquid Nitrogen Wash is used to purify and produce synthesis gas for ammonia plants. Thanks to its considerable experience in this field, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction offers precision services that deliver gas with just the right balance of different components.

Producing ammonia synthesis gas

The process involves feeding raw hydrogen into the bottom of the nitrogen wash column and high pressure nitrogen into the top of the wash unit. Both streams are cooled down against the product gas, and any trace impurities, such as methane, argon and carbon monoxide, are then removed and recycled as fuel gas. Finally, high pressure nitrogen is added to the process stream to achieve the perfect balance of hydrogen and nitrogen.

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction knows how to build equipment with exceptional accuracy, ensuring the resulting ammonia synthesis gas always has a stoechiometric H2:N2 ratio of 3 to 1.


  • Optimized process for purifying and producing ammonia synthesis gas
  • Precision equipment delivers perfect 3:1 balance of H2:N2

Key figures

  • Capacity: up to 2 200 tons per day

Liquid Nitrogen Wash