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Hydrogen Liquefiers

Advanced technologies for clean Hydrogen energy

H2 Liquefaction is widely used to service the growing Hydrogen mobility market and industrial applications. For more than 40 years, Air Liquide has been developing unique expertise in the mastery of the entire hydrogen chain (production, storage, and distribution) and today, is the market leader for Hydrogen liquefaction technologies, providing extensive experience in the design, engineering and operation of ultra low temperature liquefaction plants for customers.

Air Liquide is currently involved in the development of the largest Hydrogen Liquefaction plant in the world in Asia, providing a capacity of 90 tons per day of liquid hydrogen.

For our customers, we provide innovative technology solutions providing the highest levels of safety, reliability and efficiency as well as optimized total cost of ownership.

Different production technologies can also be adopted to provide renewable and decarbonized Hydrogen streams such as with PEM Electrolyzers or Steam Methane Reforming coupled with Air Liquide’s world renowned Carbon Capture, Cryocap™,  technologies.

Small to Mid Scale Hydrogen Liquefier

Capacity: 0-100 tons per day of Liquid H2 
Content purity (>95% Para).

Large Scale Hydrogen Liquefiers

Capacity: >60tons per day, per train, of Liquid H2 
Content purity: (>95% Para).

Proprietary technologies:

  • Deep Cryo gas bearing Turbo-expanders
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Advanced Insulation cold boxes
  • He & H2 process cycles
  • HYLIAL™ standard H2 Liquefiers

Main features:

  • Scalable solutions from small to large scale
  • Highly efficient technologies, relying on decades of operational experience
  • High quality design and manufacturing (in-house)
  • In-house hydrogen expansion turbines (gas and liquid)
  • Low maintenance costs & high reliability