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HVO Pretreatment

Competitive solutions for refiners moving to renewables

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction provides state-of-the-art HVO Pretreatment solutions, coupled with other related technology blocks (Hydrogen, carbon-capture, Pressure Swing Absorption, Membranes, Biogas etc.) to support lowering carbon intensities while maximizing output and profitability of HVO production plant operations.

HVO (hydrotreated waste oils & fats) is a key driver in the present biofuels market with the production forecasted to more than double to meet growing demand. 

A successfully operating HVO production plant needs to be continuously optimized in terms of Total Cost of Ownership while minimizing carbon intensity associated with production. One key advantage for customers (oil refiners….) therefore is to have the flexibility to adapt to various feedstocks to react to volatile market prices while being able to meet customer specifications such as treated oil purities, increasing yield and minimizing the consumption of various chemicals and utilities at the same time.  Customized pretreatment solutions are key to face this challenging environment. 

The HVO pretreatment basic solutions offered by Air Liquide Engineering and Construction cover all process steps to provide treated oil suitable for hydrotreating to all licensors’ requirements and limitations associated with refinery retrofits. The basic pretreatment solution covers ultra-degumming, bleaching and filtration. Optional solutions like PE (polyethylene)-Removal, FFA (free fatty acid)-stripping and Enzymatic Degumming can be added on a case by case basis, providing the flexibility to operate with a very broad spectrum of feedstock, including low quality waste oils and fats.

Reducing overall OPEX and upgrading co-products is a proven way to improve refining economics.  The incorporation of Air Liquide’s patented Oil Splitting (Hydrolysis) solution allows customers to achieve this goal. Hydrolysis advantages include improvement of the HVO-catalyst lifetime through further removal of impurities, and considerable savings in OPEX due to the reduction of hydrogen consumption in the HVO process by approximately 25-30%. The hydrolysis solution also provides the valuable by-product, premium Glycerin, instead of propane. Glycerin can add further value in terms of producing refined glycerin or green chemicals like Bio-PG (Propylene Glycol) from any existing HVO plant.

The advantages of HVO-Pretreatment solution:

  • A complete range of feedstocks (waste oils & fats)
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership
  • Air Liquide’s expertise and experience
  • A broad technology portfolio to meet customers’ needs

Further advantages of patented Oil Splitting/Hydrolysis solution:

  • Reduced capex/opex
  • More pure hydrotreater feed 
  • Prolonged catalyst lifetime 
  • 25-30% reduction of H2 consumption
  • Considerable reduction in Carbon-footprint
  • Valuable co-product premium Glycerin 
  • Additional value creation from Glycerin to refined Glycerin or to green chemicals like Bio-PG