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Dual Turbo Expander Compressor (TC) Series

TC2000, TC3000, TC4000, TC6000, TC9000, TC12000


  • Industrial gas production
  • Air separation
  • Liquefaction

Feedstock - Fluids Handled

  • Air
  • Nitrogen
  • Waste gas (high oxygen content)
  • Carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide

Available Options

  • Inlet screens
  • Inlet trip valves
  • Surge control system
  • Low hysteresis high cycle inlet guide vanes
  • Cable trays or conduit
  • Safe area or hazardous area location
  • International code compliance (HPGSL, PED, GOST, etc.)
  • Cryogenic performance testing
  • Spare cartridge with nozzle assembly


“Zero Leakage” Inlet Guide Vanes

  • Adjustable inlet guide vanes provide optimum flow patterns as well as precise and continuous control across the machine’s full operational spectrum
  • Self-energizing back plate maintains zero sidewall clearance for maximum expander efficiency
  • Zero backlash variable guide vane configuration provides smooth turn-up capability to 125% of design flow

Rugged Rotor Design

  • Stiff rotor shaft and high capacity tilt pad bearings assure maximum stability at all operating loads and speeds
  • High capacity tilt pad thrust bearings provide the extra margin necessary to handle transients
  • Numerous bearing designs available to accommodate specific process applications, including hydrodynamic (journal and tilt pad) bearings, ball bearings, ceramic bearings, and air/foil bearings
  • Sealing design offers robust construction and reliable performance

Dual Independent Labyrinth Shaft Seal

  • Reliable teeth-on-shaft design is precision machined to ultra close clearances, minimizing seal gas consumption
  • Dual port, atmospheric center vent prevents process stream contamination

Self-Aligning Wheel Attachment

  • Tapered bore and stretch rod design automatically compensates for thermal and mechanical changes to maintain alignment under all operating conditions
  • Precision machined tapered bore/shaft attachment allows independent balancing of turbine wheel and shaft to facilitate field repair

Main features

  • Common lube oil system and controls support two expanders/compressors
  • “Zero leakage” inlet guide vanes
  • Components individually balanced for ease of field replacement
  • Tapered shaft wheel attachment for field interchangeability
  • Labyrinth shaft seal design minimizes seal gas consumption and prevents process stream contamination
  • Shaft-driven boost compressor reduces power consumption, increasing plant efficiency

Process diagram