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Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions partners with Siluria Technologies to deliver disruptive novel catalytic processes in gas conversion technologies

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, the engineering and construction business of the Air Liquide Group, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the San Francisco based Siluria Technologies to jointly develop and commercialize novel catalytic processes utilizing both companies’ expertise in gas conversion technologies. It is expected that the outcome of the cooperation between Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions and Siluria Technologies introduce a step change to the chemicals industry in terms of scale, investment and efficiency.

Focused entirely on new fields beyond both companies’ current offerings, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions and Siluria Technologies have agreed to work as partners in the commercialization, including marketing and licensing, of the jointly developed innovative process technologies resulting from the collaboration.

Leveraging on both companies’ complementary know-how, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions and Siluria Technologies aim to implement together new processes for natural gas valorization to, among others, reduce the carbon dioxide footprint of existing base chemicals production processes.

The engineering and construction business of Air Liquide offers know-how in process development and integration, high-temperature technology and engineering, in addition to full scope project support from conceptual design to implementation. Founded in 2009, Siluria Technologies brings unique and proven capabilities in catalysis, as well as integrating catalysis with process know-how. Such a combination of expertise is unique.

This cooperation provides an excellent opportunity for both companies to open to new markets and tackle together the most demanding challenges of today’s process industry to deliver sustainable technologies and profitable growth over the long term.

This initiative targets to further accelerate stakeholders’ responsible roles in the global transition of the energy sector, as well as to provide compelling new solutions to meet global markets’ ever-changing demands for chemicals and other energy products.

As part of the agreement to collaborate on novel process technologies, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions has invested in Siluria’s Series E financing to incubate new activities and leverage technologies developed in ecosystems, notably by start-ups.

Domenico D’Elia, Vice President and Chairman, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, stated, “Through targeted investments, strategic partnerships and innovation, Air Liquide’s engineering and construction business is addressing the market’s ever-changing requirements. We are thrilled to partner with Siluria Technologies - whose team has already achieved breakthrough innovation - to jointly develop and bring sustainable next-generation technologies to our customers.”

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