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The way we work

No activity is so important that it cannot be performed safely, while also protecting the environment. At Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, safety is an uncompromising value - we believe that all injuries are preventable with the goal of zero accidents and environmental incidents.

Actively caring together culture

An Actively Caring Together community motivates our collaborators to support the ‘right’ behavior, which is consistent with organizational values and fostered by senior leadership. Committed employees are willing to go beyond the call of duty to keep each other safe.

Holistic approach to safety

Collective safety performance on the job is a direct reflection of individual commitments both at home and at work to live and work safely.  By focusing on leading indicators, like potential severity and engaging our collaborators to take action proactively, our reach is extended exponentially across the organization ensuring a safe environment for everyone - and caring for families and the people we work with. 

The five C’s of safety

Creating an environment where Actively Caring Together is not only practiced, but encouraged, requires each employee and subcontractor to achieve the Five C’s:

  • Choice: choosing to be present in the moment and act accordingly
  • Competence: knowing how to work safely and identify hazards
  • Community: belonging and looking out for each other
  • Commitment: making safety personal
  • Courage: expecting the best from themselves and others

Safer, more sustainable performance

Sustaining best-in-class safety performance can be achieved by bringing together collaborators, subcontractors, and customers to re-define an environment, both in and outside of work, that positively reinforces our commitment to safety.  Present in many countries each with its own unique environment and challenges, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction achieves best-in-class injury frequency rates compared to other Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies.*

Everyday, we strive to continue improving this safety record in order to achieve zero accidents and environmental incidents.

*Benchmark study of 10 EPCs and competitors, 2015